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A Vote That Counts


Well I can't express enough just how fast the time goes by

When  were trying to decide who is filled with the least lies

And the surprise from the deception makes our women shout "oh my"

We've been screwed by hidden systems from the beginning


Held down so hard it seems there's no use to even try

And you wonder if there will be a chance for them to hear our cry

Takes little light to see through this thin and flimsy guise

It's the words you see that make a song worth singing


Isn't there enough to do without looking over the shoulders

And you think that you have packed enough but feel it getting colder

We pretend to fight for peace but end up being soldiers

Pleas for an end can't get to their ears through ringing


Is there even point to think there will ever come a change

And will there ever be a way to comb out all the mange

Our trust's been shown the door we find this all too strange

to time the dance and dodge the the monkey’s flinging



There's got to be a way for us to filter out the fools

And have a heart to stand as one we’ve always had the tools

But first of all intolerant to let them change the rules